All You Need To Know About Vacationing In Bali

Thinking of where to go on vacation, well Indonesia is among the top vacationing destinations in the globe famous for its sandy beaches, volcanoes, cultural heritage, orangutans and tigers, and vibrant cities.

Bali refers to an Indonesian island where most Australian Tourists prefer to spend their holidays. The island has numerous religious sites, dynamic bars, and famous resort towns like Seminyak Nusa Dua and Sanur. Moreover, there are several joints for yoga, meditation, and scuba diving.

When planning for holidays in Bali, there are several things one has to take into account. Firstly, you need to find accommodation. With the endless accommodation options in Bali, Villas in Seminyak are probably one of the best options. Seminyak is a popular tourist and residential destination with plenty of luxurious spas, restaurants, shopping malls, villas and dynamic night clubs located on the West Coast of Bali.

There are several benefits of renting Villas in Seminyak as opposed to residing in a hotel. Firstly, as opposed to the notion of many who believe it costs an arm and a leg, it is affordable especially when travelling in a large group and sharing the cost per person. Moreover, at the given price, one has access to benefits like kitchenette, private pool, and privacy of one’s room. Because of the privacy and space associated with villas, one can hold several private events including pool parties, weddings and birthday parties among other special celebrations.

Secondly, one needs to figure out the best time to go on vacation in Bali. Figuring out the suitable time is dependent on three factors which include the weather, annual events, and festivals, and also the off-peak and peak seasons for tourists. The dry season in Bali occurs from May to October while the wet season is from November to April. Even though, most people like going on holiday during the dry season which records the highest number of tourists, most Australian tourists prefer visiting Bali during the wetter months. This is because our Australian calendar has most of its holidays during those months.

There are several reasons why Australians consider Bali an ideal destination for vacationing. Firstly, Bali locals are friendly and welcoming with a robust sense of spirituality making their visitors feel at home. Secondly, Bali offers a rich culture and heritage with more than 20,000 temples, the traditional Balinese dance, music, and drama, vibrant festivals, and ceremonies as well as cooking classes where visitors can learn more on their cuisines. Other reasons include Bali offers a great shopping experience, scenery and adventure, affordable holidays packages, retreats joints and is ideal for family and group of friends vacationing.