Check Out the Major Tourist Attractions of London City

We all know the magical beauty of London. Some travelers can’t get enough of this place no matter how many times they plan their travel. It is because of its beautiful attractions, people, and the lifestyle that drags you every time towards the place. Being the capital city of England, London holds an important place is people’s hearts. There are various tourist attractions to explore in London city. Some of these are highly recommended by the tourists and travelers.

Major tourist attractions of London city:

National Theatre:

If you haven’t visited the National Theatre yet, then you are missing great fun. The place covers classic to latest writings and is the best stage where skilled artists dazzle the audience by their exceptional performances.

Royal Albert Hall:

It’s a must visit especially when you are in London for Christmas celebrations. Regardless of what seat you are seated, every corner gives you great views of the stage. The architecture is superb with large curtains and decorated balconies.

Tower of London:

Tower of London holds a thousand years history. Hundreds of ravens come here to see you at the White Tower and there are oodles of scary stories to hear about this place. It’s an eerie adventure place to visit.

Royal Opera House:

Royal Opera House is prominent for various reasons. From kids to senior citizens everyone becomes a part of the drama plays here. It’s a different experience altogether for the tourists who have never seen a live drama performance.

Somerset House:

If you have heard about this place before, you would know its rare beauty. It exists on the north of Waterloo Bridge. From live screens to live music everything is perfect about this place. The scattered architecture is surrounding by gorgeous white flowers that you usually see throughout the year.

London Transport Museum:

You will get obsessed with London if you visit this place. At the LTM, you are warmly welcomed by a bus or train that takes you to the museum and helps you explore every nook and corner. There is so much to see and learn on the transport during the warm times. Be prepared to learn from old to latest technology on transport.

C London City is loaded with plentiful of more attractions. Visit the site and you will not regret your time spent. Start planning your trip now and gather as much information as you can.