Cut the Stress from Your Airport Commute

There is no argument to be made when admitting that it can be a pain to take a taxi or hired car to the airport. There is also no guarantee that a taxi will arrive on time, let alone be able to locate your home. After that, there is the discomfort of riding in someone else’s vehicle accompanied by the worry of another driver not taking the most direct or fastest route to the airport. All of this begins the day filled with travel stress, which is what everyone strives to avoid. Yet, many travellers still choose to call a taxi or hired car for that trip to the airport. Perhaps it is because they are unaware that there is a better way to make the trip.

All Aboard Their Own Vehicle

Driving your own vehicle to the airport allows you to have the freedom to leave on time and be more prepared for the flight ahead. You know the roads in your city, and you have likely made the trip to the airport a number of times, so you’re assimilated and knowledgeable on what drive to take. You will plan for traffic and be in control if there is a delay. These factors alone are worth trading in the harrowing taxi ride for your own car.

Solving Your Parking Concerns

Many perceive the drawback of taking their own vehicle to the airport as being the cost of parking and dealing with inefficient parking systems upon arrival. Today, parking complexes at airports around Australia are addressing and responding to these concerns. Reasonable daily rates and discounts for longer parking periods are ways to combat some of the cost arguments for taking a tax and using your own car. Also to be noted, parking complexes are making it easier than ever to drop your vehicle and get from the lot to your desired terminal in a timely manner. Helpful and well-trained parking attendants are the starting point, and frequent shuttles to the correct terminal will help you stay on time and make your trip effortless.


Always Helps to Plan Ahead

However, at times driving yourself to the airport is not entirely stress free. In certain airports throughout Australia, there are dates and times that can be extremely busy for airport parking. Most people without a reservation experience the anxiety of flying which begins before they even arrive in the terminal. There are enough concerns for fliers; from delayed departures, to forgotten items, and the arrival of baggage. Where to leave your vehicle should not be one of the many stressors and concerns on your list.

Making a booking prior to your departure date for a parking space in an airport lot can greatly reduce the stress and rush when arriving for your flight. Some airport lots at the Brisbane airport will accept advance bookings for spaces in their parking complex, making a huge relief for those who plan in advance or seek to organise their trip early. This will allow you to not only arrive with a parking space secured, but also with one less concern on the hectic day of travel.

Plus, Keep Your Vehicle Secure

Use of a parking complex at the airport has other benefits. Among them is the security and safety of your vehicle. While at a reputable and recognised parking lot, a traveller does not need to worry about theft or damage to their vehicle. The best long-term parking complexes at the airport will not only offer great customer service by those responsible for your vehicle, but a 24-hour security system to safeguard your vehicle as well, so you have virtually nothing to worry about while enjoying your trip.