Good reputation for Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo was built in the very site from the Guangshan Temple under imperial order in 1906, also it was made up of a zoo, a botanical garden as well as an experiment farm of agriculture within the Qing empire by having an section of 1.5 hectares, which boasts the first zoo that’s available to the general public in China.

The zoo was known as Wansheng Garden (10, 000 Animal Garden) within the Qing empire and re-named Beijing Western Park in 1950, where numerous rare creatures all different corners of China were collected, including crossbills, redpolls, brambling, waxwings, eagles, turkeys, grey cranes, deer, baby wolves and leopards. Additionally, 48 creatures of 10 species from overseas were stored around the block in Feb of 1953, such as the white-colored bears, the white-colored foxes, American lions and yellow vultures, and Beijing Western Park was formally re-named Beijing Zoo in 1955.

With increasingly more cultural trades between China and also the relaxation around the globe, Beijing Zoo plays a huge role within the worldwide cultural exchange, where the amount of creatures has bending and redoubled since 1970s, and lots of creatures sent by foreign government are frequently displayed in Beijing Zoo, such as the serows from Japan, the lions from Africa, the flamingos from Chile, the beavers and rhinos from South Usa, the tapirs from Guatemala, the gorillas from Malaysia and also the cowfishes from Caribbean. Simultaneously, numerous Chinese rare creatures are given to the U.S., Japan, France, the truly amazing Britain, Spanish, Nepal, Australia and Sri Lanka through the Chinese government, including giant pandas, red-topped cranes, white-colored-lipped deer and white-colored swans.

Now Beijing Zoo occupies a place of 90 hectares and boasts greater than 10,000 creatures of 500 species, which receive over 5 million visitors from around the globe every year. In line with the principle of “Developing Education and Protection concurrently”, Beijing Zoo functions being an inviting cards for presenting Beijing towards the people from other countries, also it’s among the Key Culture Relic Models under Condition Protection, National Bases for Science Education and National AAAA-Level Scenic Areas in China.

Over the years, the previous experiment farm of agriculture isn’t what it was once, and numerous points of interest in Beijing Zoo enhance the very best in each other, including wild birds, monsters, fishes, rockeries, bridges, pavilion, rivers and attics. Now it is an extensive zoo with research, education & protection, culture communication, scientific understanding propagation, cultural artefacts and tourism combined as you perfectly, in which the children seek their simplicity and also the grown ups seek their lengthy lost interests. Now Beijing Zoo opens its arms to welcome visitors from around the globe.