How to reassure first time flyers to Detroit airport

You are not alone if you are planning to hop on an aircraft for the first time and are scared about it. There is something about flying 30000 feet in the sky that can make anyone nervous for the first few times. And to make the matters worse for the new flyers are the occasional reports of airplane crashes that happen. But to ease the fears and alleviate anxiety of the first time flyers here are some facts. Each year more than 18 millions flights operate all over the world. In the last five decades 100 aircrafts have crashed. So the number of unfortunate crash incidents is really low. You also have to understand that all aircrafts are maintained as per a strict schedule so when you are flying in any airplane, be assured that it is in its best condition.

If you know someone who is about to fly for the first time or you are flying for the first time, knowing some basics about flying as a passenger can help you a lot. Get to know about what you will be doing so that you will not be surprised by anything. Once you reach your airline counter at the Detroit airport you will be given your boarding pass. Then you will be taken to your aircraft. You can either locate your seat or you can ask the steward to help you out with it. Carefully place your carry- on luggage in the overhead compartment securely and sit down. Fasten your seatbelt when you are requested to do so. You will be told about the safety regulations by the air hostess before the aircraft takes off.

You should be reassured about your journey by an airplane. Airports are very secure and all airports have strict security measures in place to avoid any mishap. Since 9/ 11 various federal aviation regulations have been improved, which means that everyone has to go through strict security checks before they get on an airplane. Each and every piece of luggage goes through various detection devices such as X- ray belt as well as metal detectors. Each and every passenger is individually frisked to check for the possession of any illegal items. With such strict and seamless security measures in place you can be assured that you are safe even up in the sky.

If you can guide someone who is flying for the first time, try to explain all the major steps to him. Knowledge about things is a great way to alleviate the fear of the unknown. Tell the first time flyer little bit about the Detroit airport, what he will need to do once he reaches the airport. And what will be expected once he gets the boarding pass. If you are flying for the very first time, try to remain calm while in the airplane. Once the aircraft takes off, try to keep yourself hydrated as the air inside the airplane can be very dehydrating. Try to put on some relaxing music if you are carrying some portable music device. You can listen to a playlist of meditation music as it can be very calming. Visualization can be of great help. Try to think about positive things and concentrate on your breathing pattern. You can look at the marvelous sky outside of the window. If you find it hard to pass the time in the flight, you can watch an in- flight movie. If you like to read, take along your favorite book and read it while you are in the plane.