Masha: One of the Very Few Delhi Lounges that Serve Turkish Foods

The best part about Delhi lounges is not just the attractive ambience and delicious drinks, but is also the scrumptious food that is served alongside. Popular cuisines like Continental, Chinese, North Indian and Oriental are often served at all lounges, but cuisines like Turkish and Thai are served at limited lounges only.

Masha is one of the very few lounges in Delhi that serve Turkish food. Apart from serving yummy Turkish cuisine, it has also gained popularity as one of the finest bars in the entire city. In order to attract more and more customers, it organizes events from time to time and also introduces several attractive offers. It is a haven for all the avid food lovers of Delhi. Not only does it serve Turkish food, but also serves other unique cuisines like Thai and Middle East.

The appetite for yummy food somehow gets accentuated with the help of the attractive décor of the lounge. The entire feel of dining gets uplifted because of the nice music playing in the background. It ensures that the customers are in a state of music trance while they enjoy their lovely meal.

The highlight of Masha isn’t just its Turkish food, but also its decor. It is totally designed for its customers to have a natural dining experience. With outdoor seating, which has a lake view, diners can really enjoy the meal with a hint of nature.

The place does offer other cuisines like Mediterranean, Italian, Indian and Chinese, but their Turkish and Thai dishes are a whole new level. Here are a few of our top food picks from their delicious dishes:

Hummus ‘n’ Pita:

This is one of the favourite appetizers of Masha’s menu. When you are just about to begin your meal, you would like to have this dish to make room for a large meal. The dish consists of pureed chickpeas with a slight hint of Garlic Tahini, Olive Oil and Fresh Lemon Juice. It tastes as delicious as it sounds and works like a charm. This is what exactly an actual appetizer should do.


Falafel is one of the most famous Turkish dishes and Masha’s chef is perfect at cooking a Falafel. It is an appetizer, but it can also be had as main course if you are not that hungry. Falafel comprises of fried ground chickpeas and fresh herbs topped with Tahini Sauce. It is one of the healthiest fast foods that you can have. Moreover, the taste would make you feel like a Middle Eastern Oil Sheik.

Moroccan Roll:

One of the delicacies in Turkish cuisine, Moroccan Roll is perfectly made at Masha. Masha’s chef has nailed each and every detail of preparing this delicacy. The ingredients are a thin cigar roll that has cheese stuffed in it with bell pepper and parsley too. This is one of the classiest and filling Turkish dishes on Masha’s menu.

Variety of Kebabs:

Turkish Kebabs are delicious and no one can deny it. Masha has a large variety of kebabs. Here are the top two Kebabs at Masha:

  • Doner Kebab:

A doner kebab is available in veg and non-veg varieties. Veg doner kebab has stuffed kabush bread with homemade dips and non-veg doner kebab has marinated ground chicken or lamb grilled in a traditional way on a vertical Rotisserie with finger chips and pita.

  • Adana Kebab:

This is a Turkish Lamb Kebab with homemade dips and pita. You can swap lamb with chicken as well if you like chicken more.

Masha is one of the very few Turkish restaurants in our capital city and it is certainly the best amongst the rest of them.