One day trip in coorg: Karnataka special

A favorite destination for coffee and nature lovers, coorg is a best choice for spending you vacation. It’s a one of the fascinating place where you should visit with your family or friends at least for one time. If you are planning a trip for one day, then you have very limited time for exploring the beauty of the coorg.  Believe it or not, there are so many things that are impossible to cover in one day! Well, for visiting coorg you can book train that connect you with masoori and from that you can take a local bus for coorg. But it’s better to book a cab for better speed and comfort. For travelling inside the town, you can rent a car for one or two day. Apart from transportation, for staying purpose you can choose any budgeted hotels in coorg. There are various hotels, motels and their options for one day stay.  If you are thinking about expending your tour and want to book a perfect resort then you should consider like windflower coorg.  For foodies, coorg has different flavored homemade chocolates, spices, beverages like wine & tody, and oranges. You can buy these things at cheap and reasonable rate.

Top places where you should visit

Raja’s seat

It’s a one of the most famous spot for tourist in madakari. It’s a seasonal garden with artificial fountains that looks amazing in winter. There is a story behind the place, people says that raja‘s seat is the place where the king of coorg spend his evening with his wife and that’s why it’s called as raja’s seat that means seat of the king. This place is famous for musical fountains and its beautiful evenings.

Madikeri’s fort

A historical building that built in 19th century with mud and later tipu sultan replaced with concrete stone. The fort has a temple of ganesha, a small prison, and museum but now it’s a local administration building. Madikeri’s fort is considered as one of the most visited places.

Iruppu falls

One of the most mythological places, history says that lord lakshamna and Rama visited this place when they were searching sita. You can see several temples of Rama and lakshamna near Iruppu falls.  People believe that the water of Iruppu falls is magical and it can remove your sins or bad karma. Apart from its mythological stories, Iruppu falls is one of the most beautiful falls where you can spend your time with your family.