Outstanding Linen Service: Quality and Style, Delivered

What service can you focus on, or add, when you have devoted more than four decades to supplying the hospitality industry with quality linen hire and laundry service? Before answering that question, it may be best to take a closer look at what you should continue to do when you’re in this business. The top suppliers of crisp bed linens and exquisite table linens must always focus on delivering outstanding customer service with the items each customer needs.

In fact, every business will grow if it combines quality products with great service. But growth must come in specific ways. It’s necessary to add to the customer list by contacting more potential clients and then converting some of them to regulars. As this is accomplished, it is necessary to continue serving the existing customers at the same level as you always have.


Reliable delivery is one of the keys to succeeding in this industry. In fact, it may be the most important element, in the opinion of those who operate bars, cafés, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses. To accomplish this goal of reliable delivery, linen-hire companies often establish depots—business locations that put them closer to their valued customers. Johnsons Stalbridge deliver linen to businesses in Liverpool in exactly this manner.


However, these locations are not mere “outposts.” They are strategically positioned to provide the most efficient service to clients, helping to maintain a service standard set when the business began. The quality of linens has never faltered, and neither has the reliability of the all-important delivery service. In keeping with these goals, the leading providers of quality linen service do not insist on long-term contracts. For them, flexibility is essential.

Products offered include crisp white linen for bed and table, of course. Clients also have access to an array of items such as chef’s jackets and trousers, waiter’s cloths, luxury bathrobes, spotless napkins, and towels that are fluffy and soft. It would be safe to say that, if you work in the hotel, catering, hospitality, or leisure sector, linen suppliers are your source for all your work clothing and materials.

An Example

The services offered in the chef line of linen products is one of the key reasons for success in a competitive industry. Customers select from three ranges of jackets, trousers, and aprons. New uniforms are delivered in two weeks or less. If a client chooses to close their account, one-month notice is required. Just as important as these outstanding features is the amount charged for size changes or closing an account—there are no residual charges.

If you are considering a linen supplier, you may want to start by visiting the website to learn more about the vast array of products and services available. Take some time to read about service that is both reliable and innovative. This interesting yet successful combination works perfectly for a company that delivers to your door and continues to provide traditional customer service quickly and efficiently. It’s essential for a linen-hire service to include three factors—quality, style and, hygiene.