Planning your British Cycling Holiday

Going on a cycling tour can be the most rewarding holiday anyone has, and the good news is that you don’t need to go that far to make it happen. You can start your holiday from your very doorstep, and take a tour around the UK. What’s going to be important is setting off on the right foot or in this case the right pedal. That means bringing all the correct equipment, knowing where you’re going, and understanding how long it will take. Here are a few ways you could plan your next British bike trip.

Go on tour

In the UK there are many tour operators that cater for cyclists, which can really take the hassle out of your next trip. These companies will assist you with routes, itineraries, and will include places to stop overnight. All you need to do is contact them and tell them your aims for your trip – do you want a scenic route? Are you looking for something more challenging? These tour operators will help you plan your cycling holidays in the UK.

Bring a friend

Cycling can be fun, but you’ll notice on longer rides that some people prefer to travel in groups. This makes sense in terms of safety, but also for motivation. If you can’t find anyone that is as bike-mad as you are to take a cycling trip, then you could contact one of the tour operators to see if you can join one of their planned group trips. If you already have a friend, partner, or a group, then you can also use these companies to provide you with details of a self-guided bike tour, or you can plan the entire thing yourself.

Get Planning

Before you even set off, you’ll need to have everything in order. Do you have the right equipment? This includes the bicycle itself, which should be modified to take luggage such as panniers. Is your clothing adequate? Do you have all the necessary accessories? Your clothing should be lightweight and designed for cycling, as well as decent shoes, gloves, and any wet weather gear. You must wear a helmet when cycling, and should consider a decent pair of wraparound shades if you’re going to be out riding in the sun all day. Lastly, don’t forget any spares such as inner tubes in case of a puncture.

Get on the road

Once you’ve successfully prepared your cycle trip, you can get to the route planning stage by checking out maps and guides, considering lunch stops and where you’ll be staying overnight. If you’d rather have the help of an expert you can contact a UK-based cycle tour agency, who can assist you in planning your self-guided tour. Alternatively, you can also join one of their regularly scheduled group tours. Or, you can plan the whole thing yourself, but don’t forget to bring all the necessary items before you set off on your bike.