Relax and Rejuvenate Japanese Style

Everybody goes through intense stress in their lives every once in awhile. Everybody has their own of managing the stresses in their lives. Some people like to exercise to relieve themselves of stress. It is also not limited to just exercising, any form of physical activities that can boost the release of stress is acceptable. Examples of such are hiking, biking, boxing, dancing, and other fun activities. Others would like to keep things a little less intense like reading books, writing, decorating, or just rearranging and decluttering their home.

Another great way to destress is by treating yourself to a nice day in a spa. There are a lot of great places around the world to enjoy a day of pampering. But one the best places to enjoy this relaxation are in Japan!

One of the most popular spas in Japan is the Spa World. It is located in Osaka, Japan in the district of Shinsekai. It is not difficult to spot the spas in Japan because they generally offer the same services as other spas like steam rooms, saunas, pools, and bathing facilities. The Spa World in Shinsekai is relatively the same as to other spas in terms of services it offers. But, there are so much in it than what you see on the surface.

The Spa World, for the lack of a better term, is unique and special in many ways. And a lot of people who had an experience here will undoubtedly agree to this. It is a high-rise establishment that divides its services in different floors. It also its themes and such. There are European Zone, Asian Zone, pools, saunas, and locker rooms.

Entering the Spa World is guided by rules and regulations that keep the place orderly and well kept. First, to enter, you need to buy your tickets from the vending machine on the first floor. The ticket allows you to access the facilities in 24 hours. The tickets might be a little bit pricey but the spa experience is definitely worth the time and the money.

When you enter the spa, make sure that you leave your shoes or slippers on their designated racks. If you are not staying in a hotel nearby, it is advisable to avail of the lockers, so you will not be bothered with your belongings as you go on to the different parts of the spa.

There are also a few reminders so you will be aware of the etiquette inside the spa. Remember to enter the correct changing rooms assigned to you. If you are a man you and accidentally entered the ladies’ room, you might face charges for the impropriety of your action. You also need to follow the dress code of the spa or the lack thereof. Place your clothes in their designated racks and get your own towel. Before entering the spa, make sure that you cleaned yourself thoroughly. You are not to pollute the pristine spa.

Release all the tension you’ve been feeling in this paradise made from heaven. Make sure that you are ready to be revitalized after your day here!