Take a First Class Trip to Hong Kong

It may be your honeymoon, anniversary or simply checking off one more thing on your bucket list, but you’ve decided a first class trip to Hong Kong is in order. Wonderful! We’ve created a memorable itinerary for you, including the best in accommodations and some world class attractions. However, if you’re worried about blowing the budget, remember that Hong Kong air fare doesn’t have to be the cause. Check for reduced first class fares and splurge on the hotel.

The Upper House Hotel

Situated in the heart of Hong Kong, the Upper House features expansive rooms with wide open vistas in every direction. You’ll enjoy all the latest updates including spa quality baths, rain showers and king size beds. The concierge is prepared to cater to every whim, while providing transportation and suggestions for exploring their beautiful city.

Tian Tan Buddha

You’ll spend the day first on a ferry to reach Lantau Island, then mingle with the locals on the short bus trip to the Po Lin Monastery.  The 60 ft. bronze statue of Buddha is situated atop a hill overlooking much of the Hong Kong waterways.  You can climb up inside or simply enjoy the bucolic surroundings of the park. It can be crowded, so leave on the first ferry to avoid long lines.

Victoria Peak

Take in the Hong Kong skyline on a clear day or after the sun sets. Located just outside the bustling city, enjoy a tram ride to the top of the mountain where you can enjoy the views and a nice dinner.  It’s an absolutely must see during your visit.

Chili Club Restaurant

You’ll want to sink your teeth into some authentic Thai cuisine while in Hong Kong. Check out the Chili Club for freshly prepared curries, tom yum and traditional sticky rice dishes. It’s a little crowded and a lot noisy, but you will definitely experience the lively vibe of this international city.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Enjoy a taste of home with an Asian twist.  There is a decided emphasis on fireworks, dragons and local architecture, blending into the traditional Disney flair. You’ll spend the day with Mickey and Minnie while playing on the roller coasters. Check out a variety of cuisine options you’ll never find in Florida. A family friendly ending to your whirlwind tour of Hong Kong.

After you’ve explored, dined and rested on your five-star vacation to Hong Kong, you’ll be ready to head home in the comfort of a first class cabin.  Not to worry. You’ll be able to find affordable Hong Kong air fare with just a click of your mouse, adding a touch of economy to your indulgent trip.