The Benefits of a Rural Retreat Over a City Break

There are several great reasons to dismiss a city break and opt for a relaxing, countryside retreat. Finding a peaceful cottage in a rural area in the UK can be incredibly rewarding, you allow yourself time to slowly, unwind and abandon the craziness of city living. Who needs the frantic hustle and bustle of overpopulated cities when you have the option of taking a laid back rural vacation.

Countryside Living

Choosing to holiday in the countryside has numerous advantages, one of them is you get to experience the real heart of the country. Rural living is where it all began, before the industrial revolution took off and people started to migrate into the cities. If you’ve grown up in a city, it is interesting to holiday in a rural setting to enjoy some of the village customs and slow-paced way of living. In natural parks such as the Peak District there are several great accommodation options for travellers wishing to visit a rural part of the UK and enjoy its natural beauty, companies such as Derbyshire country cottages offer affordable lodging right in the heart of the park, you’ll find a fully furnished cottage, which can accommodate several individuals on both short and long-term stays.

One of the main reasons rural vacations are better than city breaks is because you get to truly experience the area, you aren’t constantly being whisked around in taxis or trains, your pace of life slows down. You get to cycle to the grocery store or take a trip on foot to one of the areas famous historical sites, you’ll have time to converse with locals and get a real feel for the place. You’ll meet real characters along the way who’ll have incredible stories about the village, they’ll also be able to offer you more insight than a traveller’s guide book ever will.

Peace & Quiet

Living in an overpopulated area can often feel overwhelming, you’re constantly stuck in traffic and no one has time to even say hello. A city hotel can be relaxing, but the moment you walk out the door you’re back in a frantic, busy environment. You aren’t presented with too many options other than to stay in the confines of your hotel, which can get boring after a day or 2. A rural retreat offers a whole lot more, you get to stay in a stunning, log fire cabin rather than a homogenous hotel room. When you feel like venturing outside you are spoilt for choice, if you’re staying in a Derbyshire country cottage in the Peak District you’ll have plenty of outdoor adventures to keep you occupied. You’ll also wake up every morning to the sound of birds chirping as opposed to stray dogs barking.

On busy city streets, most people just ignore each other and go about their business, but country folk always have time for a friendly chat. They’ll try to make you feel at home and they are genuinely interested in you as a person. A countryside retreat offers peace and quiet, you also get to enjoy a relaxing cottage for the duration of your stay.