The Classic American Road Trip Done by RV

The classic American road trip is a dream vacation for many people. Who could blame them?  It is an iconic experience that conjures up visions of wholesome family moments, relaxing drives along open roads, and impulsive stops atop hills and mountains with views of the surrounding scenery.

An RV rental in the USA is the best way to experience the beauty of America’s natural landscapes, to connect with locals from all over the country, and to visit locations off the beaten path. While the vehicles that take you on this incredible journey are more modern and tech savvy, the overall experience remains very much the same. This means that those visions of family moments and empty highways can turn into a reality.

The Modern Day RV

Since the invention of the automobile, Americans have been packing their bags, grabbing their friends and family members, and setting off on road trips. The RVs available for rent today only make this classic journey more enjoyable and easier to embark on. No longer does an RV journey require cold nights spent cooking over a tiny gas stove in the shivering cold or restless evenings on a thin mattress, as RVs feature comfortable beds, built in kitchenettes, room for sitting areas or storage, as well as sinks and toilets.

In addition to the better living amenities, many RVs also feature speakers to play music throughout the entire vehicle, televisions or other technology for watching movies or shows while on the road, and they can even be equipped with Wi-Fi for web browsing on a longer journey. Safety features such as GPS come standard, and top-of-the-line RVs have rearview cameras, hands free phone options, and similar technology that is often available only in luxury cars.

Avoiding the Present Day Hotel

There is truly freedom on the open road, and nowhere is this more apparent or quintessential than on a road trip across the United States. However, in the early years of the American cross-country trip, it was necessary to book motels or hotels for the extent of the journey. With an RV, there is no longer a need to stay in hotels or to worry about advanced bookings. This frees up families to make spontaneous decisions and even start the drive without set plans.

While the freedom and flexibility of an RV is wonderful, a hotel-free road trip is also a blessing financially. Over the years, the small, family owned and operated motels have disappeared, and with the disappearance of this accommodation option, so went the clean, low budget rooms with them. Now, the hotel options are often a choice between a moderately priced hotel chain located right off the highway and a cheap motel room of questionable character. However, with an RV, families can avoid both.

Seeing the American Dream

Perhaps the best part of an RV cross-country trip is seeing the differences from one side of the country to the other. Not only do families get to see the coasts, but they are also able to experience the great expanse of the nation and all that is in between. That is the true heart of America, and it is best understood through a long drive.