Top Outdoor Regions to Explore in Bromont

For people who prefer outdoors, summers and spring are the best times of the year. The sun is warm and crisp and you can just spend your days outdoors doing things that you like. However, when people come to Domaine Château Bromont they end up exploring the nice restaurants or walking around the town. Here is a list of some outdoorsy stuff that we think you can do and have fun while in Bromont.

Explore the Yamaska National Park

Centered on the man-made Choiniere Reservoir, Yamaska National Park is a sight to behold. You can take in the charm of this beautiful national park on bike, in a kayak, or better yet on foot. There are several hiking trails available for people who would prefer to walk through the area to explore the surroundings. You can hire a kayak or a canoe to explore the waters.


There are other activities like a volley ball court, water park, and picnic areas that can be used to spend a good day.

Experience the Wonders of the Coaticook Gorge

Coaticook George is the home to one of the longest suspended footbridge in North America. The 50 meters deep George is a sight to behold from atop this bridge. However, the most fascinating part of this place is the night campaign and the night trails that are illuminated for a magical hiking experience. In addition to this you can always hire a bike or just go walking into the forest to explore this beautiful place.

Explore the Au Diable Vert

If you are not impressed by the regular biking options, then you can try the flying bicycles at Au Diable Vert that are tied to the trees and that let you navigate in the air and witness the flora and fauna of the region.

In addition to this you can take a moonlight kayak expedition or maybe indulge in some other sports at the place.

Visit the Golf Courses

Bromont has a lot of offer to golf enthusiasts. If you are one of them, then you can definitely set out to play a game or two at one of the various golf courses available.

Horse Riding

For people who enjoy horse riding, there are several options of trail rides and pack trips to explore. You can pick what you like the best and just hop on for a fun ride.