Ways to Save a Bundle on Chartered Tours

Traveling to a new city, special attraction, or even state park can be a fun way to get away. With chartered tours, you can have your transportation taken care of and save money on gas as well as other car-related expenses. However, you shouldn’t always settle for the first price that you are offered from the charter company. In fact, there are many ways you can save a bundle when booking your next tour.

Travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 

When you opt for mid-week travel, you automatically get a cheaper price. Traditionally Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the lower traffic days for the Santa Fe bus tours, so the busing company will offer discounts to get more riders on these days. As a traveler, these days tend to be much nicer when it comes to getting where you are going. There’s typically no wait at the bus station and the buses are less crowded.

Book Your Tour Online 

Booking your tour online will typically save you more money than waiting to purchase tickets at the station. Many touring companies offer convenient apps that you can download and use in seconds to get your tickets. These touring companies give out online booking discounts because it’s automatically done and they don’t have to pay someone to talk on the phone or be there in person to sell you bus tickets.

Book In Advance 

The amount of time that you should book in advance varies with the charter provider. However, a good general rule of thumb is to book your tickets about two weeks in advance. This will usually allow you to cash in on the biggest savings possible. The charter companies love to have people book in advance so they can plan ahead. They reward this with discounts that have been noted up to 50 percent off of the original ticket purchase price.

Use Those Promo Codes 

Most chartered tours do allow online booking through their websites. You should look to see if they allow the input of any promo, also known as promotional, codes. Many companies will post these promo codes on their Facebook page or other social media feed as a way to promote their business and increase their customer base. Do a little searching around and even use the search engines, like Google, to search for promo codes for that specific charter tour company that you are booking with.

Jump On The Rewards Program 

Larger touring companies will offer loyalty rewards programs where you can save points, which translates to money off of your bill. Most will offer instant rewards for signing up to their programs if it’s your first tour. If you take tours often, these can be invaluable as they will result in major savings the more you use them.

Saving money on your next chartered bus tour is easy when you know how. By following the tips listed above you should be able to save yourself a bunch of money on your next ticket. That’s money you can use to enjoy time at your destination.